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René Metz, Master Pastry Chef in Epfig in Alsace, founded Rohan. According to the seasons, a craftsman with a passion for his job, he makes all sorts of pastries, chocolate sweets, decorated mouldings such as Easter hares, St Nicolas and Father Christmas.


Mr Metz buys his very first rotational moulding machine. In 1976, he decided to specialise solely in the decoration and manufacture of milk, dark and white chocolate mouldings.

His collections are all decorated with brushes and the recipe for his chocolate was created in those years. It has remained unchanged ever since.


The first collection of foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunnies and Santas is launched with the implementation of a dedicated packaging line. This was the beginning of a long partnership with supermarkets.


The construction of a new site and the installation of a fully integrated rotational moulding line allows for an increase in production and packaging volumes.


The year 2000 was a turning point for Rohan. It marked the start of the robotisation of the sets.

Rohan becomes one of the European leaders in the production of decorated hollow body chocolates. Annual tonnage of moulded chocolates: 1500 tonnes


Rohan becomes a recognised player in the world of supermarkets and particularly in private labels.


The decoration robot lines allow the creation of new high-end and specific product lines such as the Eiffel Tower, decorated Neapolitans, 2D shelves (solid).

This was also the year in which a 5,000 m² storage facility was built in Dambach. This new space allows us to guarantee the level of service we want for our customers.


In order to respond to a constantly changing market and to continue to innovate, a Research and Development department was created. Graphic design is now carried out in-house, guaranteeing ever greater flexibility and fluidity in the various projects.


A new production line specialising in decorated solid bodies is opened. This is an opportunity for Rohan to expand its product range with a collection of decorated chocolate lollipops, coins, napolitans or cup rims.